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NOTE: All games are non-smoking and stratified.

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Special Events
July 4 - 9Mon - Sat NAPQ Week Monday 7/4 -- Saturday 7/9. All games will be NAPQ events
July 4Monday11:00 AMLunch will be served during the July 4th NAPQ Game
July 4Monday3:30 PMNo 3:30 Novice Game on July 4th
July 10Sunday2:00 PMSupervised Play Game Sunday 4/10. Limited to 100 MPs.
July 11Monday3:30 PMNAPQ Game
July 13Wednesday3:00 PMSupervised Play Game Wednesday 4/13 at 3 PM. Limited to 100 MPs.
July 14Thursday3:00 PMThursday 7/14 ACBL International Fund 299 Game
July 17Sunday2:00 PMInstructional Game Sunday 4/17 at 2 PM. Limited to NLMs.
July 18 - 24Mon - Sun Charity Week Monday 4/18 -- Sunday 4/24. All games will be charity events.
July 24Sunday2:00 PMSunday 7/24 Winners Charity Game at 2 PM
August 7Sunday2:00 PMSupervised Play Game Sunday 8/7 at 2 PM
August 8 - 14Mon - Sun STaC Week Monday 8/8 through Sunday 8/14. All games will be STaC events
August 23Tuesday2:00 PMInstructional Play Sunday 8/23 at 2 PM
August 24 - 29Wed - Mon NAPQ Week Monday 8/24 through Saturday 8/29. All games will be NAPQ events.

Regularly Scheduled Games
Here are the 6 regular Day Games:

LevelDayTimeDirector NameDirector PhoneNotes
OpenMon11:00 AMMichael Vaughn352-206-8133 (cell)Mini-lesson at 10:30 by Norm Poytress
OpenTues11:00 AMJeff Edelstein(347) 331-2200 (cell) 
OpenWed11:00 AMMark D. Smith813-416-7928 (home) 
OpenThurs11:00 AMDan Bowdish493-0930 (cell) 
OpenFri11:00 AMDan Bowdish493-0930 (cell)Mini-lesson at 10:30 by Jeff Edelstein
OpenSat1:00 PMMichael Vaughn352-206-8133 (cell) 

Here are the 6 regular PM Games:

LevelDayTimeDirector NameDirector PhoneNotes
NoviceMon3:30 PMLarry Sullivan789-9521 (cell)0 - 99 MP Lesson at 3:00
299erTues7:00 PMFred Tanzer678-296-7576 (cell)Free lesson at 6:30 PM. This is a 399 Game
99erWed3:30 PMMark D. Smith813-416-7928 (home)This game will be held twice per month. Please check the calendar for dates
OpenThurs6:45 PMFred Tanzer678-296-7576 (cell)This game starts at 6:45
299erThurs3:00 PMMark D. Smith813-416-7928 (home)Post game analysis by Mark Smith
OpenSun2:00 PMLarry Sullivan789-9521 (cell)Special Pair Games...see Special Events

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